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'Scaling: Small Smart Moves for Outsized Results'

"Scaling is the achievement of outsized results through small smart moves, aided by good fortune."

The book 'Scaling' by Mark Turrell & Menno van Dijk is written for practitioners from all types of organizations. It introduces you to a set of plans and tactics designed to deliver outsized results with a high degree of confidence, in less time and with less resources than classic strategic approaches.

Read the Reuters interview with Mark about 'Scaling':
Book Talk: Small, smart moves the key to "50 Shades" of success

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Why You Should Read 'Scaling'

How did Fifty Shades of Grey become the fastest-selling book of all time? Why did it take just a single day to open the Berlin Wall after 40 years of communism? Was it just luck, or was there a set of moves, small and smart, that produced these dramatic results?

In this fascinating and inspiring book, the authors show you how to achieve huge goals, growth being just one, with minimal effort. They develop a new science about how things scale, combining networks with emergence, and using the power of waves to create mass movements. The authors then transform science into practical tools that help you generate ideas and develop strategies that scale. From Star Wars to Salesforce, TED to the PetRock, they use examples from a wide range of industries to demonstrate that scaling is far more doable than you ever imagined.

Scaling will change the way you do business, spread social change, and make really big things happen.

The Authors

Strategist and entrepreneur, Mark Turrell is a Young Global Leader and a Technology Pioneer, nominated by the World Economic Forum. Menno van Dijk is the co-founder and managing director of THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership, and a former Partner at McKinsey & Company.

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Scaling Concepts and Frames

Scaling is based on three core concepts:

  • Emergence - how patterns of behavior appear, without pre-determination, from the interaction of elements in a system
  • Networks - how the interconnections within a group of elements create certain structures that enable communication flows through the system
  • Waves - how the energy in a system can aggregate, concentrate, and have an impact across the system

These concepts are translated into scaling frames, ways of looking at your challenges through different lenses to develop robust, elegant, low-effort strategies for scaling and delivering outsized results. Each frame teaches you a method of achieving scale and illustrates it with a set of real-world case studies.

The diagram below shows the scaling frames and their connection to the three core concepts as they are described in the book 'Scaling: Small Smart Moves for Outsized Results'.

scaling concepts and related scaling frames