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*New* Lectures & Workshops on "Science of Spread" available

Interest is growing in understanding how ideas, behaviors, and products and services spread. We have now designed a variety of Learning Formats to introduce you to the Science of Spread™.

Spread is a specialist discipline, a new discipline, one that can have a huge positive impact for all organizations. Even if some of the techniques can be guessed, it is complex and broad enough to require specialist insight and knowledge. Our Learning Sessions are designed to provide individuals and organizations with the knowledge they need to design effective spread programs, based on solid scientific understanding and real-life cases.

Yes, you can keep muddling your way through. But, how much better would it be to know what you are doing?

Give us a call if you are looking for a workshop or lecture for an internal event, a conference or a university course, delivered by an experienced and engaging speaker.

See the document below for more details.