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Helping People – Orcasci’s Philosophy

Our goal is to help others change the world for better - faster and at scale. The notion of helping others is crucial to our approach, and it is worth delving into this philosophy to understand how we think and how we operate.

There are lots of problems and challenges out there in the world, social and commercial. It is clearly impossible to work on all challenges at the same time. Indeed all the advice you are given is to focus on a single topic in order to achieve anything of significant value.

But... what if it were possible? What if it were possible to help everyone, all at the same time?

We started exploring this notion back in 2008, when our founder, Mark Turrell, started working on the fundamental concepts that would culminate in the creation of Orcasci. His inspiration was a thought experiment, a technique successfully used by Albert Einstein in his work (no relation to Orcasci, of course).

Mark started to think through the following topic: "Could we imagine a single blog for Planet Earth?" Quickly, questions and issues emerged. Who would write it? Would anyone be able to submit suggested content? What content would be allowed? Could anyone edit? Or comment? What color scheme would the pages have? ... And so on. Silly questions.

A single blog for the planet makes no sense whatsoever. Instead we have blog software and templates so that anyone can blog (however inane their thoughts might be or appear to be to others).

Our notion of helping others change the world for better follows the same principles. We realized early on that our role should be to develop techniques and methods that could be used at scale to help other organizations, commercial and non-profit, spread their good works - their ideas, new products, and positive behavioral change. And to support this goal, we would develop techniques that could be applied with great success very quickly, within days or a low number of weeks. That would allow us to help more people faster.

We greatly respect and admire the work that organizations do at the front-line of their business or social operations. We can never hope to emulate them in the depth of knowledge of their area, or have the capacity to implement positive change in their chosen fields. What we can do, though, is help them solve their spread problems faster and achieve scale. Therefore Orcasci is the humble toolmaker, designing and applying the methods to achieve change and spread. And we look forward to helping you on your journey.


Orcasci Vision and Mission

The nice thing about establishing your own company is that you can shape it the way you want. Ultimately, if customers do not want to buy from you, folks don’t fancy joining your team, and banks or investors refuse to hand over cash, you need to recognize this as a sign that your mission and vision are slightly adrift of reality and have to be adjusted.

Fortunately we are not in that position at Orcasci. Like other ventures from our founder, Mark Turrell, this company’s mission is to change the world for better – by helping spread good things. This is not dissimilar from Mark’s previous venture, Imaginatik, although it is harder to make this kind of statement in an established public firm where there are more expectations of profit and cash flow than fulfilling a mission. That being said, you can square the circle – it just takes some work.

We have taken some inspiration from firms like Google and Facebook. There are many attributes to look at in a firm. So to be specific, we looked at the focus of these companies on creating something that was valuable to their users and customers, and based on that insight working out aspects of the business model further down the line.

At Orcasci, we have a similar philosophy. Of course, there needs to be revenue and profit to keep the lights on and make people happy. But, if the vision is wider, and your eyes are stretched wide open to scout out opportunities, the money will find its way to you.

So, this is a slightly long-winded way of saying that we are open to all kinds of arrangements in how we can help organizations spread good things. We know – and have the science of complex systems to help us out – that the good things will emerge.