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Orcasci web site - work in progress

We have been busy working on the underlying methodologies - and launch customers - rather than build out the web site. Now, though, we have a slight break in our workload, so we have time to put into a V1 web site.

We'll add more as the company 'builds out', including adding in our business partners, and more customer projects. Right now we still have to work on some of the basics to present ourselves to the world. Google Adwords coming up soon!


Working on a new offering - adapting products & services to Micropayments

About half the people we work with use iPhone or Android phones. Around half those that use iPhones are prolific users of the App Store, downloading both free and paid-for applications at the click of a button (and a quick tap of the password). At Orcasci we are absolutely fascinated by the phenomenon of micropayments and microcharging, and have spent the last month digging into the science behind why this might be a new way of commerce that can revolutionize both consumer and B2B business.

We're just finalizing a brochure on our offering in this area, and we're happy to share our thoughts on the topic - and work with clients to determine the best way of applying the method to your own business. To contact us, please click on the Contact sheet.


What's the story behind the name 'Orcasci'?

Orcasci is a combination of "science" (the science of human behavior) plus "orca" (the killer whale). Whilst there is no obvious connection betweeen these two concepts, the name does have a background in behavioral science: We often use projection of ourselves on to objects, and we are sometimes - according to some researchers (How Pleasure Works) - existentialists, ascribing meaning to things, an essence, beyond the visible.

One of the projects we are working on is a book and community concept based around "If you were an animal, what would you be and why?" Mark's answer to this question is: 

"I'd be an orca. Lives in the water, looks fantastic, top of the food chain and gets to eat seals. And I'm a Pisces."

During the naming phase of the company, Mark was testing out a simple creativity technique of looking around the room and just taking the name of an object or thing in view. In the case of Orcasci, the most intriguing image was that of two swimming orcas on a poster on the study wall. From there is was simply a case of merging Orca and Science together into something memorable, and of course, Internet searchable.

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