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Who is Orcasci

Orcasci is a strategy and marketing agency specializing in designing straightforward programs that ‘spread’ products, ideas and behavioral change for consumers, non-profit organizations and B2B channels.

We have developed a toolset and methodology that leverages scientific insight and social networking technology to help you get people engaged at scale.

The company was founded in 2010, drawing on almost two decades of experience working on innovation and collective intelligence projects, and taking advantage of advances in thinking around the new Science of Spread.


The Science of Spread™ Toolset

Orcasci's Science of Spread toolset is based on behavioral science (the science of people), neuroscience (the science of individual brains), the science of complex systems, network science, and the practice of innovation management.

Our toolset is designed for all types of situation, and specific methods are tested and developed to apply to particular industry challenges.


How We Work

Our clients are major corporations and non-profit organizations / NGOs based mostly in the US and Europe.

We design programs to help these organizations spread their offerings:

  • develop new products and services that scale
  • increase the adoption of in-market products and services
  • accelerate the adoption of ideas and behaviors

Orcasci provides strategic and tactical insights and creative problem-solving capacity. In addition to developing a results-focused and easy-to-implement plan, our projects usually include a validation of the customer's project approach and the underlying business strategy.

You can find case studies describing some of our projects on the "Customers" page.


About the Founder

Orcasci is a venture from Mark Turrell, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer and Young Global Leader. He has worked with hundreds of multinational organizations to help them design and implement enterprise innovation programs. His clients have included Allianz, Boeing, Cargill, Dow Chemical, Hallmark, Kraft, Lexmark, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Whirlpool, Yahoo!, and Xerox.

As a founder of Imaginatik plc, he pioneered the use of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence techniques within companies.

His latest research has focused on the use of behavioral science and neuroscience to gain understanding of how people operate - as individuals and especially as groups. He combines this insight with network spread tactics to help organizations “get people to do stuff at scale”.

Mark has co-authored the book 'Scaling: Small Smart Moves for Outsized Results', published in January 2014.


Company Details

Orcasci Limited is a private company limited by shares.
It is a registered company of England and Wales.
Registration Number: 07387280
VAT Number: GB 100 6940 53

Registered Office:
27/28 Eastcastle Street
United Kingdom